5 Benefits of After-School Clubs

5 Benefits of After-School Clubs

Despite having been working hard at school all day, sometimes children just seem to have endless bundles of energy and enthusiasm. After-school clubs can be a great arrangement for both parents and children.

Archaeodiscovery work with schools to offer archaeology after-school activities that are physically active, creative and educational.

Benefits of After-School Clubs

1. Builds Communication Skills

Archaeologists' work as a team, and archaeology gives children more experience in being part of a group. At archaeology club we encourage children to share their discoveries and describe finds and materials. Group work also builds confidence by playing with others and sharing achievements. Our active outdoor sessions also promote health and wellbeing.


2. Encourages Academic Development

Archaeology club is a great place for curious children to share their positive attitudes to exploration and learning. We create and open environment where young people can come together to develop their problem-solving skills.

3. Making New Friends

Interacting with other children at after-school club provides the perfect opportunity to develop social and interpersonal skills. Parents might also meet some like-minded people with shared interests at pick up or drop off!

4. Nurtures Interests

A child's true passions might lie outside of the traditional curriculum, or they might want to do more of a certain activity than time allows. Our archaeology after-school activities allow children to explore their abilities and boost their talents.

5. Flexibility For Parents

With secure supervised sessions taking place after hours, it's also worth considering the time that this frees up for parents. Whilst children are busy enjoying our active, screen-free, extra-curricular sessions, parents can get some extra work or jobs done. Or even take some time for themselves and their wellbeing!

If you're a teacher who wants to expand your after-school club options or a parent who wants to see this club at your school, then just get in touch.

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