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We offer school workshops and archaeology clubs that complement the National Curriculum, enrich learning and encourage discovery.

By blending innovotive technology with traditional skills we encourage young people to explore their past and inform their future. We're always eager to inspire the next generation of custodians.

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Our sessions cover all periods and a variety of topics using archaeological findings to support education. Typically, a workshop will involve a mini excavation, craft project, handling real and replica artefacts, and the chance to meet real archaeologists!

They’re designed for all age groups and abilities and consist of hands-on activities. We actively encourage children to ask questions and guide the learning process.

  • Half day school workshop

    Children can become an archaeologist for the day- exploring the tools of the trade and excavating artefacts.

    This workshop will include an introduction to the topic with a hands-on show and tell session.

    Duration: c. 2.5 hours

    - from £195

  • Full day school workshop

    In addition to the what’s included in the half day option the full day workshop will take a deeper dive into the theme.

    Children can strengthen knowledge with two more interactive activities investigating past societies using archaeological techniques.

    Duration: c. 4.5 hours

    - from £375

  • Youth club

    We work with many youth group leaders to deliver memorable sessions that are all about fun and active learning - through digging, making and doing!

    Members will have the opportunity to think like experts, hone new skills and earn new badges.

    Duration: c.1.5 hours

    - from £95.00 per session

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