Play with the past

Seriously playful archaeology experiences for curious children and adults.

Archaeology can be for everyone

If you've always wanted to get your hands dirty and 'have a go' at archaeology then Archaeodiscovery is for you!

We're archaeologists who want to share the archaeology experience with you. We like to get creative making archaeology accessible and fun. We specialise in outreach and learning, offering activity boxes, engaging workshops and hands-on-archaeology tours.

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Who's behind it

Archaeodiscovery is co-created and led by Odile Rouard (BA MA) and Felicity Thompson (BA MSc):

Odile is an award-winning archaeologist, writer, and mythologist.

As well as writing books of fiction and nonfiction, Odile is a widely published author of archaeological reports and papers. She is fluent in several languages and uses a mixture of storytelling and debate to bring ancient and historical worlds to life.

Named Dublin’s #1 tour guide and the UK’s ‘Ask the Archaeologist’ for the next generation, Odile’s mission is to communicate and share the archaeological experience as widely as she can.

Felicity (aka Flick) is an archaeologist, artist, and mum of three.

A professional archaeologist for two decades with a PGCE in History, Flick has taught and lectured at several academic institutions. She’s won awards for her art projects which focus on the development of creativity and analysis.

She has performed and contributed to cultural festivals and heritage events around the world and is always thinking of exciting, new ways to connect people with the past.

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  • "Pure child's play"

    My son was so excited when the Finds Box came through the door. Completed it himself! He can't wait until the next box!

    - Natalie Owen

  • "So much fun!"

    I made cave paintings of mammoths and bisons in the workshop... and even learnt to make my own pigments. I'll definitely do it at home again.

    - Grace, age 10

  • "Lovingly curated"

    Beautifully done. Pitched just right.
    - Hannah Rose

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