Archaeology-inspired play!

At Archaeodiscovery we use our professional experience and creative thinking to bring archaeology to you. Through the wonder of discovery we can help you investigate the past.

Our playful and participatory approach involves as many people as possible in what we do. And our programme promotes confidence, well-being, imagination and curiosity.

Become part of the action by seeing, feeling and playing with archaeological materials and techniques.

archaeology workshop


What got Flick into archaeology? … apart from watching Jurassic Park when she was 9 years old?

Flick always loved history and spent most of her childhood in the sand pit! As soon as she could, she studied archaeology at university.

That was 20 years ago and she's been a professional archaeologist ever since.

She doesn't regret it one bit!


Odile was obsessed with mythology as a child and that made her want to find out more about past civilisations as she grew up! Because she couldn’t study archaeology in France, she went to York to do her degree. Since then she has worked on excavations in France, England, Ireland and even Kazakhstan!

But as much as Odile loves archaeology, she thinks it’s a shame it can be hard for ordinary people to experience it.

"Our aim is to spark wonder in the world around us, through play, exploration, and archaeology. We're here to encourage the curious thinkers of the future!"

  • Expertise

    Odile and Flick, each have over two decades experience in professional archaeology. They have directed and supervised excavations and are published authors of archaeological reports, academic papers, and monographs.

  • Community engagement

    Both have been working in archaeological outreach for the last ten years. Establishing Brighton Young Archaeologists’ Club , a charity organisation that has successfully funded award-winning community projects. Most recently they were shortlisted for 2022 Youth Engagement Project of the Year. They are active members and trustees for British Women Archaeologists.

  • Creating Archaeodiscovery

    Archaeodiscovery was created in 2020 in response to a demand for hands-on and playful experience of archaeology.

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