Don't Forget The Day Job! Outreach for TVAS South

Don't Forget The Day Job! Outreach for TVAS South

TVAS South conducted an excavation at Icklesham, East Sussex where remains dating to the Late Iron Age and early Roman periods were identified. A small square enclosure, measuring roughly 9m by 9m was investigated and produced pottery as well as Roman tile.

In the enclosure, just off centre, was an urned cremation burial: although the bones were very fragmented, they seemed to belong to a child.

On the 14th of July 2023, TVAS South were asked to do a presentation of the site for the official opening of the housing estate. Odile gave a great summary of the investigation and its archaeological significance for local residents and councillors.

Felicity and Odile (co-creators of Archaeodiscovery) set up a stand and displayed a varied selection of finds belonging to the Roman period. Different types of pottery were shown, including Samian ware, of which a sherd was found in the square enclosure. There were also examples of slag: iron production was one of the main industries identified in the Weald and started as early as the Iron Age. Evidence of such iron production was also identified on the site. Other finds included Roman tile, fragments of loom weights as well as articles of personal adornment consisting of bone hair pins and jet beads.

The talk was very successful and resulted in the guests showing a lot of interest and asking many questions.

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