Felicity (Flick)Thompson

What does an archaeologist do?

An archaeologist is someone who learns about the people of the past using what they’ve left behind. These clues come in all shapes and sizes and it’s an archaeologist’s job to find and study them. We mainly do this by digging!

How did you get interested in archaeology?

As a kid I loved looking for, and collecting treasures – rocks, shells, bones, coins. After watching Jurassic Park, I knew I either wanted to be a palaeontologist or an archaeologist.  When I was older, I realised I was more interested in humans than dinosaurs.

Tell us about one of your most interesting discoveries?

I once found the head of Minerva – she’s the Roman Goddess of War and Wisdom!

What is your favourite place or object in the museum?

My favourite museum object is the Gundestrup Cauldron – it’s a masterpiece!

Whenever I go adventuring, I love to hunt out megaliths – large prehistoric stone structures. These are my favourite places. Each one has its own character and I find them endlessly fascinating.

What’s your favourite part of being an archaeologist?

I love discovering new things all the time and getting to use my imagination.

If I could tell my childhood self that I would spend my days outdoors, in nature, getting dirty and researching history I would have been delighted!

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