Our Logo

Our Logo

Our logo was hand drawn and designed by friend, and super talented creative James Martin.

We think it represents our business and our values beautifully.


This is what James had to say about his design:

"Archaediscovery is a little venture that a friend is putting together to help kids get involved in our history and the world or archaeology.

I was super inspired by some recent cave paintings that have been discovered and I knew I could make an “A” shape out of it using a little artistic license 😂.

Adding that maze effect gives the viewer a sense of play and discovery and the human element adds an earthy and explorer element to the design.

Red ochres and stone whites make this a super cool little design.... really fun... kid friendly awesomeness in the type sets the whole badge design off."


Thanks James we love it! 

To learn more about James and his creative journey follow him @made.by.james and why not check out his book: The Honest Guide to Creativity and Logo Design

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