To celebrate the Festival of Archaeology we spent the last week of summer term supporting Blackboys School teachers and pupils to excavate a test pit in their school field.

For 3 days we excavated, processed finds and tried out survey equipment. Each child had the opportunity to participate in the WHOLE SCHOOL DIG.

With permission from East Sussex County Council the test pit was excavated entirely by hand. Due to the relatively short time frame and shallow nature of the fieldwork the natural geology was not exposed anywhere. Nevertheless some great finds were recovered from the topsoil and subsoil. Including a fragment of C19th clay pipe, a prehistoric flint flake, and a sherd of late Iron Age pottery. 

A full report has been submitted to County Archaeologist, Neil Griffin, and is available upon request. The archive is to be held by the school, in pride of place, as a memory of a fun-packed few days!

"A brilliant way to end our school year."

                                                                                 - Mr Sullivan (Headteacher)

If you have any interest in hosting your own WHOLE SCHOOL DIG - GET IN TOUCH.

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