Why is Volunteering Important?

Why is Volunteering Important?

Big shout out to all the charities, societies, and volunteers out there!

At Archaeodiscovery we work a lot with youth club volunteers, teachers and educators- people who give up so much of their time freely, for young people and their communities. It is so inspiring to see the energy and commitment of these individuals. And when you see the faces of the young people whose lives, they are having such a positive impact on, you can see why they do it!


Odile and I also do a lot of voluntary work, mostly with The Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC) a UK-wide charity for 8–16-year-olds. We set up the Brighton Young Archaeologists’ Club in 2020 and the club has consistently been inundated with a high number of enthusiastic applicants. We have been operating a large waiting list since we began! Archaeodiscovery was created in response to this high demand for hands-on and playful experience of archaeology. ARCHAEODISCOVERY makes it possible for us to reach more people and to involve as many people as possible in archaeology.

Our work with the Brighton YAC is vital to us and an integral part of what we do. And like all the other volunteers out there we value our social action because it benefits us in so many ways:

  • It connects us with others.
  • It promotes personal growth and self-esteem.
  • It strengthens our communities.
  • We get to give back.
  • We continue to learn.
  • And we believe we are making a difference.

We get to work alongside so many wonderful individuals and societies that you can’t help but be reenergised by their kindness and enthusiasm.

If you’re a parent or carer we can’t recommend enough the benefits your child will gain from joining a youth group like Brownies and Beavers. If you’re specifically interested in archaeology, check out your local YAC or archaeological society, these are wonderful places where you can do what you love and meet like minded folk.

So, this is a big shout out of gratitude to all the volunteers out there! Keep going! You are making a difference to so many lives.


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